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Welcome to Imperial Hounds Services

remove all complications

Our Services

We trade information-where and how to buy/sell goods

the information includes missing people and those who do not want to be found,internal company/trade secrets,business plan and how to develop it,lost or stolen items,drugs,money transfers,debit/credit cards,gold,jewels,electronic/household technique,cars,real estate etc.

Our Team

Naturally born and raised in Bulgaria first class old school hounds


everything has a 25% of the original price / payment is in advance without bargaining or delays

New Services Offer

Discrete мoney transfers up to 100 000 USD per day completely legal 15% commission

Bitcoin mixer / 5% fee

Apartment / Colins Ave Miami Beach FL


2bed 2bath 1030sqft / completely furnished

Husqvarna TC125 2022

5 x USD2000

location Czech Republic/ brand new

Ducati Superleggera v4 2022


location USA / brand new

Triumph Bonneville Bobber Gold Line 2022


location USA / brand new

HP Omen 17 2021

36 x USD450 = USD16200

17.3-inch Quad-HD (2560×1440) Intel® Core™ i7-11800H NVIDIA® GeForce RTX™ 3060

brand new / location USA

Sony XR-55A80J OLED 4K

48 x USD375 = USD18000

brand new / location USA

Samsung Galaxy Watch Silver 2021 R800

54 x USD80 = USD4320

brand new / location France

Small appliances - mixed AEG / Bosch / LG

coffee maker / microwave / aspirator / hand vacuum cleaner / steamstore / wireless vacuum cleaner

5 euro pallets(22pieces each) x USD440 = USD2200

brand new / location Germany

Small appliances - mixed Gorenje / Hisense / Bauknecht

coffee maker / microwave / aspirator / hand vacuum cleaner / steamstore / wireless vacuum cleaner

12 euro pallets(18pieces each) x USD360 = USD4320

brand new / location Germany

Roborock S7

48 x USD120 = USD5760

brand new / location Germany

Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Mop Pro (black)

48 x USD90 = USD4320

brand new / location Germany

18 year old man.


Looking for work and shelter.For life!You need to provide a room and food.You must sign a civil contract.

1.75m / 65kg / without diseases